Purchasing / Product Marketing (Full Time)
We are seeking purchasing managers of our e-commerce (EC) site.

【Job Description】
  • Selection, purchase, market research, price determination,promotion activities of products featured on our site.
    Plan and implement what to sell, whom to sell to, how much to sell, how to sell.
【More details】
  • Selection of sale products
  • partnerships, purchasing negotiation, price negotiation
  • Product registration on EC site
  • Determination of sales price
  • Promotions within the site, planning and implementation of external advertising
  • You can see the impact of your work directly on the business,since you will be in charge of matters such as product selection, pricing and sales.
    We analyze the market, handpick products and develop new suppliers from scratch.
    An ideal place for anyone who wants to create their own work,or also want to acquire the skills to create their own work.
    Furthermore, our target audience resides overseas.
    This is a good opportunity to learn about overseas market trends,especially if you are interested in foreign markets or want to work abroad in the future.
Logistics Planning / Warehouse Operations (full time employee)
We are seeking a distribution center manager.

【Job Description】
  • Operational management as a distribution center manager.
    Planning and drafting of logistics systems for future development.
    Warehouse and logistics management, logistics planning,delivery management of sales products, transaction management etc.
【More details】
  • Shipment management
  • inventory management, structure management
  • Improve delivery method / delivery schedule
  • You will be involved in logistics operations that are the cornerstone of EC businesses.You will also be planning and building a logistics structure from scratch.
    In addition, because our main market is Southeast Asia,you will have opportunities to learn the logistic trends in both Japan and in remarkably developing, emerging countries.
    Logistics infrastructures differ from Japan,so what is the best way to deliver products to our customers?
    You will have that opportunity to create your own solution.

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